Bio energy is the multi-talent of the renewable energy sources. It is diverse and flexible and can be used in gaseous, liquid and solid form. This flexibility puts biomass in high demand in the energy sector. Heat and power plants have a wide range of general applications, while Bio-fuels are in high demand, especially in the transport sector.

As a CO2-neutral energy carrier, bio energy presents the perfect solution for many areas when it comes to producing heat and power while making an important contribution to protecting our environment. It is crucial for this type of renewable energy generation that raw material suppliers, system operators and heat consumers cooperate optimally.

Anik Group brings them all together. What’s more, Anik Group brings in excellent market knowledge, technical expertise and consistent, professional project management to the table. We are working on setting up a Biomass Energy Generation plant in Rajasthan and Western districts of Madhya Pradesh of about 10 MW capacities each, with the initial feasibility study completed. We would soon expand the operations to other states.

Further benefits of using Biomass towards energy generation include:

• Additional source of income for farmers and forest managers
• High financial yield per hectare
• Sustainable circular economy
• Affordable power supply for consumers of all different sizes
• Environmentally friendly, CO2-neutral power and heat generation
• Contributes to regional value creation and secures local energy production.