Small and Mini Hydel Power

Hydro electricity is the world's leading source of renewable energy, supplying 19 per cent of electricity. But Small Hydro Power projects account for only 10-12 per cent of Hydel power, though it accounts for 63 per cent of renewable energy sources.
The greatest advantage of Small Hydel Power projects over other (conventional) sources of electricity is that it is most environment-friendly. When an SHP produces on kWh electricity, its environmental impact is 300 times less than with lignite, 250 times lower than coal, 125 times less than uranium and 50 times less compared to natural gas, he said.

Developing SHPs are also important in the context of global warming and climate change, which has begun to take a toll on availability of water around the world. Considering the same, we have identified several projects of Mini and Small Hydro capacity in several regions and feasibility study is underway.