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Ferro alloys refer to various alloys of iron with a high proportion of one or more other element, manganese or silicon. Ferro Alloys is one of the intermediate products used as additives and de-oxidising /de-sulfurizing agents in steel making. The requirement of Ferro Alloys in steel making depends on the process of steel making and the nature of steel to be made. The growth of the Ferro Alloy industry is directly linked to the growth of the steel industry.

India, with a 5-7% share of the global Ferro alloys industry, is among the 10 largest producers of the material in the world. Indian bulk Ferro alloys supply constitutes of Ferro Chrome about 32%, Ferro Manganese and Silicon Manganese about 62% and rest others.

India enjoys a natural advantage as it has the fifth-largest in chrome ore with a 100 million tonnes estimated reserve and the sixth-largest in manganese ore with an estimated 176 million tonnes reserve. To grab this advantage, Anik has taken a step in the process of setting up Ferro-Alloys Plant through one of our subsidiaries M/s Anik Ferro-Alloys Pvt. Ltd at Meghnagar Dist. Jhabua (MP). Also to speed up this objective, the company has purchased an existing plant of Ferro-Alloys, from where we expect to take commercial production soon.